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Digitally infrared images

Five years ago I sent my old DSLR camera away for a digital infrared conversion.  It is a Nikon D70, now almost 10 years old.  In the good old days, it was a time consuming and difficult process to create infrared images with film cameras.  Because new cameras come with filters designed to block infrared light, the best way to get good results is either to convert a camera like I did, or to use one of a host of new plugins and presets developed for Photoshop and other applications, and just do it on the computer.  I have noticed that my old D70 is starting to age but it still works fine for my purposes.  Shooting digitally infrared images is something I only do on occasion.  It is not something I care to do all the time.  If you do it, my only advise is to remember to preset your white balance on something green like grass, unless you live in a semi arid climate.  Never preset it using any type of grey card unless the filter you buy in the conversion process recommends it.  I have the standard IR filter so I set WB on green grass.  These shots were taken recently at St. Simon’s Island.